Sheriff Villanueva's Plans

Sheriff V'S PRIORITIES For Next Term

1. Reduce Violent Crimes

Especially violent crime. It is time we end the social experiment of defunding the police. We must end the hiring freeze and begin to get more cops and detectives on the street. If the board won't do it, we will take it to the ballot.

2. Expand Homeless Outreach Service

Our internationally recognized Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST). We must help our unhoused get the help they need while regulating public space

3. Dismantle Homeless Industrial Complex

The homeless Industrial Complex and use those valuable resources to fund proven methods to treat drug addiction and mental health. If the board won't do it, we will take it to the ballot.

4. Build a Regional Coalition

Led by local communities to improve our regional ability to treat mental health. This means re-opening the mental health facilities Sacramento politicians shut down over the last 25 years

5. Multiagency Collaborative Taskforce

A regional collaborative, multi-agency task force to address political corruption in Southern California.

Re-Elected Sheriff

Villanueva 2022 hears from Barber Joe

Major ACCOMPLISHMENTS in Sheriff Villanueva's 1st term

Real Reform

Diversity, Civil Rights, and Equality

Transparency and Accountability

Raising Standards

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