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Re-Elect Sheriff Alex VILLANUEVA

Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva 2022

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About Sheriff Villanueva

Alex Villanueva is the 33rd Sheriff of Los Angeles County, and he is the first Spanish-speaking sheriff in the county. In 2018, retired sheriff’s lieutenant Villanueva defeated incumbent Sheriff Jim McDonell, becoming the first to unseat the incumbent in over 100 years. Sheriff Villanueva also became the first Democratic Sheriff in LA County in almost 140 years.

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Bring Back the Dream Re-Elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva


About Alex Villanueva

Alex Villanueva’s mother, Mary Ann was the daughter of Polish immigrants, and his father, Victor, was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

 Alex was born in Chicago, IL but the family moved to Rochester, NY. Victor and Mary Ann Villanueva moved Alex and his five brothers and sisters to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The family ran a small print shop in a close-knit and safe community.

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Villanueva’s 1.3 million votes are more than the combined votes of all five sitting LA County Board of Supervisors in their last elections. Reforms are needed to ‘Democratize’ Los Angeles County government starting NOW. Re-Elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva. It is time we take back the power

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“It’s “High Noon” in LA County and Sheriff Villanueva has the courage, ethics, and integrity to stand up to bought-off politicians who have jeopardized our public safety.


Former State Senator and Professor

“I’m supporting a leader who shares my values as it relates to having a well staffed police force to address the needs of communities in LA County.


Police Officer in LA Country