Endorse Sheriff Alex Villanueva


As your elected Sheriff seeking reelection I have decided that in building our team I do not want the support of the political establishment. Frankly, it comes with too many strings attached.  The political elites want me to stop pointing out government’s failures in dealing with rising crime and out of control homelessness. The political elites also don’t want me to remind the public that Los Angeles ranks #2 in the nation in political corruption (read more).

Latest Endorsements

  • Gloria Romero, former State Senator, and leading education advocate; 

  • Steve Cooley, former prosecutor, and L.A. County District Attorney; 

  • Deon Joseph, veteran L.A. police officer, with 23 years serving downtown and Skid Row; 

  • The International Union of Electrical Workers (IBEW), with 775,000 members.

  • Ironworkers Local 433

    Artesia Mayor Rene Trevino

    “because he holds people accountable, and he is 100% transparent. We need leadership like Alex Villanueva. So he has my unconditional support”

    Gloria Romero, Former State Senator and Professor proudly endorses Sheriff Alex V.

    “It’s “High Noon” in LA County and Sheriff Villanueva has the courage, ethics, and integrity to stand up to bought-off politicians who have jeopardized our public safety.  His independence and fight for the people make him the hero we all need in LA County.  I proudly support Sheriff Villanueva.  It’s time to take back our streets to restore the law, order, peace and safety we want for ourselves, our children and our communities.”

    Deon Joseph, Police Officer in LA County

    “I’m supporting a leader who shares my values as it relates to having a well staffed police force to address the needs of communities in LA County.

    We need a leader with a common sense approach to public safety in a world where it is becoming uncommon.

    As an officer and resident of LA County who is concerned for the safety of my family and the people I serve, I believe Sheriff Alex Villanueva is a leader who truly wants to address those concerns.”

    Steve Cooley, Former LA County District Attorney proudly endorses Sheriff Alex V.

    IBEW Local 11, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers comprised of 775,000 members

    IronWorkers Local 433 proudly endorses Sheriff Alex V.

    Local Mayors stand with Sheriff V.

    Rene Trevino, Mayor of Artesia

    Sally Flowers, Mayor Emeritus, City of Artesia

    Sho Tay, Mayor of Arcadia

    Steve Hofbauer, Mayor of Palmdale

    Ray Dunton, Mayor of Bellflower

    Grace Hu, Mayor of Cerritos

    Jose Medrano, Mayor of La Habra

    Chuong Vo, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Cerritos

    Dr. Allen Wu, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Walnut

    Monica Manalo, Artesia Mayor Pro Tem

    Paul Cheng, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia

    Salvador Alatorre, Ret. Mayor of Lynwood

    Mary Su, Ret. Mayor of Walnut

    Roy Francis, Ret. Mayor La Habra Heights

    Local school board and city council members support Sheriff Villanueva

    Ali Taj Councilmember, City of Artesia
    Tony Lima Councilmember, City of Artesia
    Naresh Solanki Councilmember, City of Cerritos
    Violeta Lewis Councilmember, City of La Puente, Ret.
    Ariel Pe Councilmember, City of Lakewood
    Dr. Michael Eugenio ABC Unified School Board Clerk
    Soo Yoo ABC Unified School Board President
    Brad Beach ABC Unified School Board Vice President
    Chie Lunn Community Officer, Venice Neighborhood Council
    Jesse Alvarado Councilmember, City of Hawaiian Gardens
    Lynda Johnson Former ABC Unified School Board Vice President
    Andrew Lara Councilmember, City of Pico Rivera
    Julie Nguyen Elected City Clerk of San Gabriel
    Jonathan Hawes Former Elected City Clerk of El Monte
    David Argudo Councilmember, City of La Puente