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Dear Neighbor,

I am running for Sheriff to bring this community together so everyone can feel safe, because public safety depends strongly on building trust between the community and the Sheriff’s Department.

I retired in February after 32 years at the LA County Sheriff’s Department.  And I want you all to understand why I’m not just staying retired.

I have come out of retirement to restore the honor, dignity and legacy of the department I love.

My plan is simple: Reform, Rebuild, Restore.

I came to LA through the Air Force, and I jumped at the chance to stay in LA and shift into the Army National Guard.  I’ve been here ever since.  

For the entirety of my career in law enforcement, I kept a copy of my first ID photo. In it, I’m wearing a three-dollar Goodwill suit in that photo, because that’s what I had.  It reminds me who I am and where I’m from.

I come from two immigrant families.  My mom’s from Chicago’s proud Polish immigrant community, and my dad was Puerto Rican.  I moved a couple times as a kid – to Queens, where I had to learn to run fast, so I wouldn’t get beat up, then to Puerto Rico, where I had to learn Spanish to talk to the other kids. 

My life experiences taught me valuable lessons. I know what it is like to be an outsider, to be an immigrant, and want to feel safe.  To treat everyone with respect and dignity. That we are all equal and that public service and protecting people was a noble thing to do – and my new life goal.

No one in LA County should ever feel they have no place to turn to for help and support. Our number one priority should be electing Democrats who will unite our communities and keep us safe. The only way we’ll stop the extreme Trump agenda and ensure our streets are safe from extreme policing is electing a Democrat for Sheriff. 

My opponent continues to support this Administration's Immigration policies.  He has made people feel like they can’t come to the Sheriff’s department if they are in danger. He has made people feel like they have to worry about ICE coming for their family and friends if they come down to our offices.  And that makes all of us less safe.

That’s not the kind of deputies we want for LA.  We want the best. We want a department that makes our streets safer and earns our trust.  One that focuses on friendly immigration policies, not one that invites ICE into our jail systems.

This November, please join me to help keep our streets safer from extremist views and Reform the LASDRebuild a strong police force and Restore the trust between the Department and the neighborhoods we protect.


Vote Villanueva for Sheriff!


Alex Villanueva

Democrat for Sheriff 

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