Crime Increases Under McDonnell's Watch?


Crime Increases Under McDonnell's Watch?

Original LASD Press Release: Sheriff McDonnell Announces Significant Decreases in Crime Rates Across Communities Served by the LASD 

Sheriff McDonnell used his executive staff and public office to campaign for reelection by misrepresenting crime stats under his watch.  Focusing exclusively on the calendar year 2017, which had not ended, the incumbent held a press conference, claiming “significant decreases in crime rates across communities served by the LASD.” 

The introduction to the sheriff’s press release read as follows: “In a continuing effort to provide transparency to the public, Sheriff Jim McDonnell stood beside his leadership team to present preliminary details of Part I and Part II crime statistics for 2017 and to highlight the decrease in crime from the previous year.”

A quick fact-check shows this is a complete lack of transparency on the part of the incumbent.  He refused to produce the annual Year in Review for 2016, which negated the ability of the public to see for themselves the crime trends year to year and be able to form an educated opinion.  We have been able to cobble together actual statistics from available public sources that show a far different picture.

Part 1 crimes have increased significantly under McDonnell’s watch.  Using calendar year 2014 as a baseline, Part 1 crimes (which include violent crimes) increased 6.84% in 2015, McDonnell’s first full year in office.  They increased another 6.89% in 2016, and decreased slightly by 4.64% (preliminary) for 2017.  Using 2014 as the baseline, Part 1 crimes have gone up a staggering 8.9% since McDonnell took office.  At the same time, arrests and self-initiated patrol activities, such as completing Field Interview cards, continue to drop significantly (LA Times, April 1, 2017).

While we all welcome decreased crime rates, if and when they actually occur it will be in spite of McDonnell, not because of him.  Morale within the LASD is at rock bottom, and it is showing in the performance of the organization as a whole.


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