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Sheriff Martin Aguirre, a Hero

Today marks the historic anniversary of the third Latino Sheriff of Los Angeles, Martin Aguirre (pictured left), risking his life to save citizens during a torrential flood in 1886. 

From shq.lasdnews.net: "On January 19, Deputy Martin Aguirre rushed to Los Angeles only to find it inundated by flood waters. There was so much water that levees were carried away and the Los Angeles River was overflowing and still rising. Deputy Aguirre rode all night warning everyone who lived by the river to evacuate. The next morning Aguirre spent rushing into deep waters to rescue the helpless victims who ignored his warnings. After it was over, Deputy Aguirre had saved the lives of nineteen people, some of them children. Many were amazed at the deputy's courage and physical endurance." 

Aguirre would later be elected Sheriff in 1888. 


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