Relect Sheriff Alex Villaenueva

Sheriff V'S PRIORITIES For 2nd Term Plan

Sheriff Villaneuva campaigned to ”Reform, Rebuild, and Restore” the sheriff’s department. He did just that, and in his second term, Sheriff Villaneneuva will build on that success, and focus on investing in and empowering our communities.

Department Reforms

  1. EXPAND training and mentorship in Community-Based Policing.
  2. Continue to reduce uses of force.
  3. TRANSFORM the culture of the department. REGULAR meet and greets with the community to build relationships among the deputies and the community.
  4. Continue to build diversity. Set recruitment goals of 15% African American and 33% female recruits to academies.

Community Reforms

  1. REBUILD the Youth Activities League to provide safe activities for youth.
  2. EXPAND the LASD’s Community Advisory Council across all County’s regions.
  3. Continue in person Town halls.

Reduce Homelessness

  1. Work with the Board of Supervisors to aggressively build new emergency shelters to bring our homeless inside to receive help.
  2. Expand our HOST (Homeless Outreach Services Team) by region.
  3. Target dangerous opioid epidemic.
  4. Target Human Trafficking, particlualry in vulnerbale communities.

Reduce Crime

  1. Eradicate illegal marijuana grows and dispensaries.
  2. Tear down Men’s Central Jail and build a Mental Health Treatment Center.
  3. RESTORE the workforce to 18,300 to increase patrols and safety.
  4. Lobby Sacramento for new legislation regarding hate crimes and other issues.

Why We Support Sheriff Villanueva

"Don't let the political establishment lie to you. Sheriff Alex Villanueva is a good man doing great things. As a school teacher, and Venice resident I can tell you first hand the politically powerful hate Alex because he exposed their failures and corruption. I stand firmly 100% with Alex. Please join me."


Community Officer, Venice Neighborhood Council

Sheriff Alex Has Track Record of Success

Homeless Clean Ups

Real Reforms

Transparency and Accountability

When it mattered most, Sheriff Alex stepped up

Reduced the spread of COVID-19

During the COVID shutdown and pandemic Sheriff Alex protected us by raiding irresponsible ‘’super spreader’’ parties to slow the spread of the deadly COVID virus.

Zero Tolerance on Deputy Cliques

On his first day in office Sheriff Alex Villaneuva banned all deputy cliques and launched a deep investigation that resulted in dozens of transfers, suspensions, and even terminations.

Launched Operation Homebound

Sheriff Alex set up operation Homebound to take the COVID vaccine into the homes of those physically unable to leave their homes. Again, looking out for the rest of us.

Protection of Public Rights

When the political establishment refused to enforce laws protecting public space, property, and even laws against violence, sexual assault, and theft, Sheriff Alex stepped up and cleaned up The Venice Boardwalk, Olvera street, and more.

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