Villanueva Campaign Press Release June 6, 2018

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June 06, 2018

Villanueva Forces Incumbent Sheriff McDonnell Into Stunning Runoff

With 100% of precincts reporting, the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder reports the incumbent sheriff received only 47.5% of the vote (as of the issuance of this statement), forcing him into a runoff with the recently retired sheriff’s lieutenant, Alex Villanueva. Alex garnered 33.4% of the vote. Considering the fact Villanueva was outspent 50 to 1 by both of his opponents combined, a forced runoff was a stunning upset for the embattled incumbent. When asked to describe his connection with the voter’s without having either big name recognition or excess resources, Villanueva said ” Our message of “Reform, Rebuild, Restore” resonated with the people of Los Angeles County. It’s clear they are tired of the status quo and the problems that continue under the current incumbent. Clearly, the message matters!

Our campaign has been focused on listening to all the diverse voices that represent the people of Los Angeles. Last night those voices were loud and clear, it’s time for a new Sheriff.

We must now continue to work towards the November General Election by coming together, committed to change that begins within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and extends to all residents of Los Angeles County. We appreciate the spirited campaign by Mr. Lindsey and his supporters contributions towards forcing the runoff. We both agree the Department requires a change in leadership now, a consensus confirmed by voters. We look forward to a robust dialogue with the people of Los Angeles County, as well as participation from the current Sheriff.

Thank you to all who placed their faith in us and voted. And we hope by November, to earn the votes of those who did not. Again, Thank You.


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