Association For Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs - ALADS

"Villanueva’s track record demonstrates an ability to initiate reform while staying acutely connected to the needs and experiences of deputies. His impressive primary election campaign gave further evidence of his ability to raise morale, inspire deputies, and truly represent those he wishes to serve. For all these reasons, we stand behind Villanueva in his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff."

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Professional Association (LASPA)

LA County Firefighters Local 1014

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor

SEIU 721

SEIU-United Service Workers West (USWW)

SEIU 99 -Education Workers United

United Steel Workers Local 675

United Steel Workers LA/OC Legislative Committee

El Monte Peace Officers Association


Elected Representatives


Kevin de León, California Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus  

Salvador Alatorre, City of Lynwood Councilmember

Micah Ali, Compton Unified School Board Member

Gabriel Buelna, Board Member,  Los Angeles Community College District

Barbara Contreras Rapisarda, Director, Pico Water District Board of Directors

Eddie De La Riva, Council Member, City of Maywood

Denise Diaz, Council Member, City of South Gate

Nestor Enrique Valencia, Councilmember, City of Bell

Roy Francis, Mayor, City of La Habra Heights

Monica Garcia, Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member

Jackie Goldberg, former California State Assembly Member, 45th District

Carey Klingfus, Councilmember, City of La Habra Heights

MaryLou Howard, Mayor, Burbank (ret.)

Manual Lozano, Mayor of City of Baldwin Park

Gloria Molina, former 1st District Supervisor, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

 "I am proud to add my name and support to your Candidacy- I recognize the importance of this race and encourage everyone to Vote Villanueva June 5!" - Gloria Molina

Jeannine Pearce, Long Beach Councilmember

Sandra Salazar, Trustee, Cerritos Community College


Jacque Robinson, Vice Mayor of Pasadena (ret.)

Tonia Reyes Uranga, Long Beach Councilmember (ret.)

Roberto Uranga, Long Beach Councilmember

Steve Veres, Board Member, Los Angeles Community College District 

Norm Zezula, Councilmember, City of La Habra Heights

Community Leaders

Eric C. Bauman, Chair, California Democratic Party

"Alex Villanueva is the Democratic Party's choice for Sheriff to spearhead a new era of progressive, all inclusive, transparent community policing throughout the County of Los Angeles. Alex will assure all people are protected under the law regardless of citizenship status. He is a lifelong Democrat, a Veteran, has spent his career fighting corruption within the Sheriff's Department, and would be the first elected Democratic Sheriff in 138 Years. It's time for change. On June 5th, vote for Alex Villanueva for Los Angeles County Sheriff."

Dolores Huerta, American Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist

"In an era when our communities are under attack by the Trump administration, we need a Sheriff that will stand up to him, not fraternize with him. Alex Villanueva will be that kind of Sheriff for Los Angeles County. That's why I endorse Alex and I urge you to vote for him on June 5th."

Chris Chahinian, Chair of Los Angeles County Armenian American Democrats



Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Leadership Action Fund (CHIRLA)

"Our nation was built on immigrants and their labor. We are proud to endorse a candidate who will represent the needs of all of our communities regardless of of immigration status. Together we can make a difference in the lives of immigrants."-Angelica Salas, Board of Directors Chair

ACT Political Action Group

Democratic Organizations

Los Angeles County Democratic Party

“Alex Villanueva will be an excellent Sheriff who will be proud to bring good Democratic progressive policies to the County Sheriff’s Office. Alex has shown that he shares Democratic Party Values and will be accountable to every man, woman, and child who relies on the Sheriff’s tradition of service. The Democratic Party is proud to endorse Mr. Villanueva.”- Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair, Mark Gonzalez.

Los Angeles County Young Democrats

Chicano Latino Caucus, California Democratic Party

"The issues addressed by the Chicano Latino Caucus are the issues of California. Yesterday, the Chicano Latino Caucus voted to recommend the CDP endorse Alex as well. We need to adopt comprehensive immigration reform. We need leaders that will ensure the rights of all are protected, while ethically and morally enforcing the rule of Law. The person holding the office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff is crucial at this time in our history not only for Latinos but all residents of Los Angeles County. Alex Villanueva will make this a top priority, please join me in supporting his efforts to restore integrity to the Office of the Sheriff."-Carlos Alcala, Chair-Chicano Latino Democratic Caucus

Alhambra Democratic Club

Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California Chapter

Arroyo Democratic Club

Avance Democratic Club

Beach Cities Democratic Club

Burbank Democratic Club

Canada Cresenta Democratic Club

Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Los Angeles County

Culver City Democratic Club

Democratic Alliance for Action, Santa Clarita

Democrats for Neighborhood Action

Democrats of Pasadena Foothills

East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD)

"EAPD members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Alex Villanueva because he is ready to bring honest, capable, reform-driven leadership to the Sheriff's Department. Alex is a veteran, proven public servant, and Democrat whom all Angelenos can trust to do the job of directing county law enforcement staff and resources smartly, humanely, and with accountability to our diverse communities. On June 5, and then again November 6, choose Alex Villanueva." -Hans Johnson, President of East Area Progressive Democrats, LA County's largest Democratic Club, more than 800 members strong. 

Feel the Bern Club of Los Angeles County

Foothill Community Democrats

Heart of LA Democratic Club

Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club

Los Angeles County Aremenian American Democrats

Miracle Mile Democratic Club

Northeast Los Angeles Democratic Club

North Valley Democratic Club

"We are thrilled to be supporting a candidate for Sheriff who shares our values."-Richard Matthews, President, North Valley Democratic Club

Progressive Democratic Club

Rio Hondo Democratic Club

We believe that Alex Villanueva is the progressive candidate who will be committed to bringing greater transparency, accountability, and higher standards to the office of LA County Sheriff. His commitment to elevating the interests of our diverse communities will help build trust between our police force and communities throughout LA County. We are confident that he will ensure we have a well resourced, well trained police force, while working towards a criminal justice system that works for everyone.

San Pedro Democratic Club

San Fernando Valley Young Democrats

"We're proud to have endorsed Alex Villanueva​ for LA County Sheriff.

With over three decades of law enforcement experience, we are confident that Alex Villanueva has the right combination of experience and forward thinking vision to help reform the County Sheriff's Department.

Alex is the right person to lead in initiating real and impactful change in regards to community policing, transparent and meaningful civilian oversight, and corruption in the County Sheriff's Department."

Santa Clarita Democratic Alliance for Action

Santa Monica Democratic Club

"We are proud to stand with Alex Villanueva for Sheriff at a time when progressive leadership in the law enforcement community is sorely needed, given the record of the current Sheriff's Department. Alex understands that respecting the rights and humanity of all residents while enforcing the laws is the only way to truly keep our marginalized communities safe."-Jon Katz, President, Santa Monica Democratic Club

South Los Angeles Democratic Club

Southeast Los Angeles Democratic Club

Stonewall Democratic Club

"Stonewall is proud to stand with Alex Villanueva, a true reformer, who will bring his considerable talents and experience to a department sorely in need of change. We are confident that Alex is the man to finally break the more than a century old Republican stranglehold on the office."-Lester Aponte, Stonewall Democratic Club President   

Torrance Democratic Club

"We believe that Alex Villanueva is the right person to reform, rebuild and restore the reputation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departmen."-Jimmy Gow, President, Torrance Democratic Club

Tri Counties Democratic Club

United Democrats of the San Gabriel Valley

United Progressives of the San Fernando Valley 

Walnut Valley Young Democrats 

“We are proud to endorse Alex Villanueva for Los Angeles County Sheriff. With Alex’s years of experience in law enforcement, we know he will keep the Walnut Valley area safe while ensuring our rights are protected.” - Gabriel Alfaro, Walnut Valley Young Democrats President

West Hollywood Beverly Hills Democratic Club

West L.A. Democratic Club

Westchester Play Democratic Club

Yes We Can, Democratic Club


Daniel Andalon - Community Advocate, North East Los Angeles

Ron Birnbaum, MD, 51st Assembly District Delegate CADEM*

"Alex Villanueva is the clear choice for democrats and progressives in this years race for LA county Sheriff.”

*listed for indentification purposes only

Ray Cordova, Chair Sounty County Labor, AFL-CIO

On very rare occasions I will lend my endorsement and on this occasion I lend it to a very rare individual who exemplifies Honor, Trust and Decency."

      *Title and Organization for ID purposes only

Martin Flores, Community Advocate & Organizer

"As a life long community advocate, marching along side greats like Dolores Huerta for change and empowerment of the Latino Communities, I personally challenge you to Vote a Sheriff into office who understands the complexities of immigration law and possesses the education, heart, and integrity to provoke change within the LASD and LA County. Please use your voice and vote to help elect Alex Villanueva as our next LA County Sheriff."

Rubio Gonzalez, Vice Mayor - City of Pomona *title for Identification purposes only*

"Alex Villanueva has proven to us with his extensive experience that he will champion Pomona's residents in law enforcement from within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.  We look forward to having a Sheriff who works to improve the lives of Los Angeles County residents, not one who cozies up to President Trump and Jeff Sessions in Washington D.C.  He’s not afraid to take on complicated topics because he is a progressive and forward thinking individual.  We are living in a time of fear amongst the immigrant community, and Alex is the type of Latino Democrat leader we need in that seat to ensure that all residents have a voice.  His vision to reform, rebuild, and restore the department resonate with the people of Pomona and Los Angeles County, and he will make our communities safer in the process.  This is why I am whole-heartedly endorsing Alex Villanueva to be our new Sheriff."

Dr. Ruben Guerra, PhD, Chairman of the Board, Latino Business Association

*title for identification purposes only

Michael Hughes, La Habra Heights Resident - Community Activist

Oscar De La Torre,

The rhetoric of being "tough on crime" has not delivered the safety we deserve. Alex represents the new "smart on crime" approach that will restore the publics trust in the LA County Sheriff's Department.

Roberth Leahy, President, Los Angeles County Veterans Democratic Club
2nd Vice Chair, Veterans Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

"After meeting with Alex Villanueva, we discussed a wide range of the responsibilities and the challenges today in criminal justice and what we need to do moving forward in criminal justice reform. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Villanueva is absolutely the right person for the job of Los Angeles County Sheriff. He wants to build a community between the Officers and the public by assigning officers to stay in a single community instead of being constantly moved around the entire county day-to-day. The mission here is restoring the trust of the people, I believe Mr. Villanueva has some great ideas that will go along ways to achieving this mission."

John Loew, Los Angeles County Deputy Assessor

"As the underdog LA County Assessor candidate with 29 years as a Deputy Assessor, running against incumbent Jeffrey Prang, I know exactly why Alex is running. Alex knows the Sheriffs department inside and out! Hes got my vote, and Im telling everyone I met "vote for Villanueva!".

Elise Moore, City of Sherman Oaks

"As a criminial justice advocate, I know how important it is to have a dedicated, honorable and sincere leaders in the law enforcement community. When I met Alex, I asked him many tough questions, questions that most elected officials would avoid, but Alex was thoughtful and specific. He did not shy away from these complicated topics, instead he remained engaged and compassionate. LA needs a Sheriff with moral fiber, not moral flexibility. Someone who understands equity, not just equality. Someone who isn't afraid to stand up and speak out. LA needs Alex Villanueva."

Lenora Perri

"Alex is a man of integrity, honor, intelligence, faith, a man of his word, hard working, respected and can get the job done"

Paula Ramirez, Community Activist

Erik Rodriguez

"He's the leader we need at this important time in Los Angeles County."


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