Press Release June 28, 2017


Press Release June 28, 2017

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Alex Villanueva announces his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff

Reforming the LASD remains the biggest challenge.

East LA, CA, June 28, 2017:  Veteran Lawman Alex Villanueva will announce his candidacy for sheriff of Los Angeles County in the upcoming primary for June 5, 2018. The announcement will take place at 2 p.m in Belvedere Park in East Los Angeles, adjacent to the Sheriff’s station, Villanueva’s first assignment in patrol early in his career.  

As a 31 year law enforcement veteran, Alex Villanueva has distinguished himself as a reformer who believes the status quo does not address the critical need to rebuild the organization after the collapse of the corrupt Baca administration. An initial supporter of Sheriff McDonnell once elected, Villanueva has come to realize the incumbent is incapable of reforming the LASD - his much vaunted “fresh eyes” failed to deliver as promised.

Villanueva recognizes that the Los Angeles Metro area, especially the jurisdictions policed by the LASD, is the least policed metropolitan area in the entire country.  This is a major impediment to improving public safety and community satisfaction with the services provided by the LASD.  Villanueva’s goal is to add an additional 3,000 deputies over the next ten years to jurisdictions patrolled by the LASD, and to move the organization towards a fiscally sustainable operation that protects the taxpayer.

Villanueva firmly believes that reforming the LASD requires rebuilding the organization from the ground up around principles of community policing and ethical standards of conduct. He believes cosmetic changes such as brass snaps, buckles, radio car emblems, and uniform shirts are a poor substitute for actual reform efforts.  True reform requires first understanding the extent of the damage that was inflicted by disgraced former Sheriff Baca and undersheriff Paul Tanaka.  Only then can substantive changes in policies, procedures, and practices take place that will improve the effectiveness of the organization, lower legal costs, and ultimately increase public safety in the community.    

Villanueva will be available for questioning.

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