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Dolores Huerta Endorses Alex Villanueva

Alex Villanueva is proud to receive Dolore Huerta's endorsement for his campaign for Sheriff of Los Angeles County!


Posted on 17 May 2018, 12:52 - Category: news

Alex Receives Endorsement from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and more!

On Tuesday, April 9, 2018, after a unanimous vote, Alex receieved two major endorsements from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and the Los Angeles County Young Democrats. He is humbled and honored to have been considered and selected to receive these endorsements. Please read the full press release below. 

Posted on 12 Apr 2018, 11:46 - Category: news

Chicano Latino Caucus Endorses Alex Villanueva

I'm excited to announce recently being endorsed by the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party. See the official announcement below. 

I appreciate any consideration for endorsement. If you or your organization wishes to meet to discuss the possibility of an endorsement, please email , or visit my endorsement page.

Posted on 15 Mar 2018, 01:17 - Category: news

Crime Increases Under McDonnell's Watch?

Original LASD Press Release: Sheriff McDonnell Announces Significant Decreases in Crime Rates Across Communities Served by the LASD 

Sheriff McDonnell used his executive staff and public office to campaign for reelection by misrepresenting crime stats under his watch.  Focusing exclusively on the calendar year 2017, which had not ended, the incumbent held a press conference, claiming “significant decreases in crime rates across communities served by the LASD.” 

The introduction to the sheriff’s press release read as follows: “In a continuing effort to provide transparency to the public, Sheriff Jim McDonnell stood beside his leadership team to present preliminary details of Part I and Part II crime statistics for 2017 and to highlight the decrease in crime from the previous year.”

A quick fact-check shows this is a complete lack of transparency on the part of the incumbent.  He refused to produce the annual Year in Review for 2016, which negated the ability of the public to see for themselves the crime trends year to year and be able to form an educated opinion.  We have been able to cobble together actual statistics from available public sources that show a far different picture.

Part 1 crimes have increased significantly under McDonnell’s watch.  Using calendar year 2014 as a baseline, Part 1 crimes (which include violent crimes) increased 6.84% in 2015, McDonnell’s first full year in office.  They increased another 6.89% in 2016, and decreased slightly by 4.64% (preliminary) for 2017.  Using 2014 as the baseline, Part 1 crimes have gone up a staggering 8.9% since McDonnell took office.  At the same time, arrests and self-initiated patrol activities, such as completing Field Interview cards, continue to drop significantly (LA Times, April 1, 2017).

While we all welcome decreased crime rates, if and when they actually occur it will be in spite of McDonnell, not because of him.  Morale within the LASD is at rock bottom, and it is showing in the performance of the organization as a whole.


Posted on 31 Dec 2017, 13:02 - Category: news

Sheriff Unaware of Misconduct?

From the LA Times article by Maya Lau

According to the Los Angeles Times article dated December 19, 2017, "McDonnell said his effort to give the Brady list to prosecutors is part of reforming and "restoring credibility" to a department that was disgraced by a jail abuse scandal..."  Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.  The so-called Brady list suffers from the fatal defect of being the product of a compromised investigative process.  20 years of unchecked corruption is not repaired with a publicity stunt like this fake list.


In order to properly reform the LASD and restore lost credibility, it will take a top to bottom damage assessment of the entire organization to have a clear understanding of what when wrong, who was involved, and who was damaged in the process.  There are department employees who participated in serious misconduct, which discredits their ability to testify truthfully in a court of law.  They remain on the job and unrepentant, and most disturbingly, not on this Brady list.  Likewise, you have individuals on the list who were placed there for purely retaliatory reasons, and the underlying discipline was imposed without merit and with full the knowledge of department executives.


That means there are literally thousands of individuals who faced criminal prosecution and were convicted in part based on the tainted actions of sworn department members.  Of most concern are those where the defendant was arrested solely on the testimony of the department member, and there were no witnesses or victims to corroborate testimony.  It will be up to the District Attorney's office to determine how to properly assess the scope of tainted prosecutions and the legal remedies that need to be made available to each defendant.


The damage doesn't end with criminal cases, however.  It extends to Civil Service Commission hearings, Employee Relations Commission hearings, and internal affairs investigations that were compromised based on the prevalent political patronage system in use for the last twenty years.  This good ol' boy system assigned favorable and unfavorable employment decisions such as discipline and promotions based on the relationship between the employees involved and department executives.


It is going to take a robust Truth and Reconciliation Process to get to the bottom of the problem and provide proper relief to all those involved, and a measure of accountability to those who unlawfully harmed others.  As sheriff, I am committed to make this happen.  

Posted on 21 Dec 2017, 21:25 - Category: news

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